Efficient handling of customer support E-Mails
The tool downloads all the mails from the configured E-Mail accounts and posts them onto the specified newsgroups thus avoiding the manual intervention required in forwarding the E-Mails to a group of people. It also attaches a unique tracking identifier to E-Mails which helps in referencing them.

Delegation of customer support activity
Since mails are automatically pulled out and posted on the newsgroup the task of replying to those mails can be delegated to a group of people.

Tracking of customer responses
Every E-Mail that is popped by the tool is attached with a unique tracking number. If the same customer replies with the same tracking number the query will be threaded under the earlier post. Hence it is easy to track the customer queries and support responses.

Exposes customer issues to all the employees
Since a newsgroup can be made accessible to all employees, an organization will be sensitive to customer issues.

Provides a central repository to all queries
A newsgroup on the local intranet acts like a centralized repository to all customer queries. Customer queries will not remain hidden in someone’s mail box.

Categorizing queries based on products or issues
A company may have several products that are unrelated. Each of the products may have exclusive development and support teams. Each product may have distinct E-Mail address for customers to interact. This can be configured into the Customer Support Tool, so that individual product queries will be posted onto seperate newsgroups. This will help in automatic sorting of issues.

Customer support becomes a group activity
Since a newsgroup is accessible to many people, the support becomes a group activity. The people responsible for support can discuss and answer the queries.

Database free design
The tool eliminates the need for using any of the proprietery database software, by storing customer queries in the newsgroups. Thus avoiding need for buying costly database software.

During various levels of stress testing that were carried on this tool, it successfully handled more than 10,000 E-mails in a single day.