“The purpose of a business is to create customers.” – says Peter Drucker.
Implied in his words are the importance of finding, keeping and growing your customer base. With the right technology tools, loyal customers are not a happy accident created when an exceptional customer support representative, salesperson or product developer intuitively responds to a customer need.

After a decade of its introduction, internet and electronic communication have become the backbone of every business. E-Mail is increasingly preferred over other modes of communication because of its inherent simplicity and high speed. According to a popular survey, over 160 million people in the United States alone have home internet access. The number is rapidly growing in all countries across the world. With internet as a medium, more and more people today can browse online and buy products. At the same time, people also expect support and service for the products they buy. Any business offering products and services on the internet must also provide necessary customer support.

Customer Support is not an option! Customer Support can be the single strongest weapon you have as a business to ensure that customers become and remain loyal.

Some of the Sailent features of Customer Support Tool are listed below

   Efficient handling of customer support E-Mails
  The tool avoids the manual intervention of forwarding E-mails to a group of people. It also helps in   referencing and tracking of these mails.

   Delegation of customer support activity
  As the tool automatically pulls out E-mails and posts them onto the newsgroup, the job of replying   to these E-mails can be delegated to a group of people.

   Tracking of customer responses
  The Customer responses and support queries can be easily tracked.

   Exposes customer issues to all the employees
  All the E-mails are posted onto a newsgroup, that can be accessed by every employee.Thus   enabling an organization to be sensitive to customer issues.

   Provides a central repository to all queries
  A newsgroup on the local intranet acts like a centralized repository to all customer queries.

   Categorizing queries based on products or issues
  The tool can handle customer support E-mails of multiple products.

   Customer support becomes a group activity
  Since a newsgroup is accessible to many people, the support becomes a group activity. The people   responsible for support can discuss and answer the queries.

   Database free design
  The tool eliminates the need for using any of the proprietery database software, by storing   customer queries in the newsgroups. Thus avoiding the need for buying costly database software.

  Under severe stress testing conditions this tool has been successful in handling more than 10,000   customer E-mails.

How Customer Support Tool works?

            Mail Server                     Customer Support                        News Server

Customer Support Tool is a one of its kind application aimed at providing multiple people simultaneous access to customer support E-Mails. Inherently, E-Mails are not shared among people. To share an E-Mail, a person has to explicitly forward the E-Mail to others. Forwarding has many flaws like – no one knows who is going to reply to the customer. One person cannot forward mail if the volume of mails exceed a certain limit. Forwarding E-Mails creates bottlenecks.

Customer Support Tool pops E-Mails from the specified mail account(s) and converts them into news articles. Customer Support Tool automatically posts the news articles to specified newsgroup(s) within the local intranet. Since local newsgroup messages are visible to all authorized users, a group of people can handle the incoming customer support messages.

Before posting the mails to a newsgroup Customer Support Tool adds a tracking identifier to all the new mails. This helps in maintaining a proper threading of the messages on the newsgroup. Further E-Mails received with this tracking identifier are automatically posted under the same thread. Customer Support Tool can optionally send automatic replies to the customers.

Where to Install Customer Support Tool?

It is recommended to install the Customer Support Tool on Windows NT/2000/2003 servers which also hosts the NNTP service running the local newsgroups.

A complete web based E-Mail Support Solution is coming soon!