IT Outsourcing

Enterprises today need to satisfy diverse and widely dispersed customers, investors, and enterprise partners. To do so, they must possess a proactive and process-rich IT management. One that ensures a maximum return on their investment. That's where Rarefind's IT Outsourcing programs come in. Rarefind is a full service IT Outsourcing provider. Its offerings include:

Infrastructure management outsourcing services

Rarefind assumes responsibility for managing the customer's IT infrastructure. In some cases this involves transferring the ownership of the customer's IT and personnel assets to Rarefind. The relationships are usually based on long-term contracts and delivered on a fixed fee basis.
Applications management outsourcing services

Rarefind provides a comprehensive framework of principles that govern development and maintenance of its customer's applications in order to seamlessly support their business needs, improve overall efficiency, reduce recurring costs and ensure constant technology upgrades while integrating with changes in business demands.

Unique Benefits
Outsourcing IT application management allows enterprises to focus on their core business, offering benefits across the business spectrum:
Reduced Manpower Concerns

With a pool of trained IT professionals, Rarefind understands and caters to the specific needs of the enterprise. Further, a well-defined career growth path for the enterprise's in-house IT employees reduces the problem of manpower attrition.
Cost Reduction

Tremendous financial benefits on a sustained basis through Rarefind's cost-effective technology solutions. A predictable IT spend with annuity based long term contracts. Access to scaleable solutions in line with business growth. Freed up capital funds for deployment in core business activities.
Shared Risks Against Technological Obsolescence

The enterprise gains access to current technologies without the huge investments associated with constant upgradation. Effective response to business changes and higher speed of implementation.
Improved Operational Service Level

Access to Rarefind's recognized Quality processes and methodologies, and contracts based on clearly defined service levels.
Improved User Satisfaction

Our improvements on services, software functionality and quality ensure higher user satisfaction.