Excel Features

Paperless Printer SDK supports Excel format. You can now print any Windows application to Excel format.

Feature Highlights:
  1. Save:  Using Paperless Printer SDK you can now print from any Windows application to Excel document. You have the option of viewing the Excel document as soon as it is created. You also have the option of opening the folder where the generated Excel document is stored.

  2. E-Mail:  Paperless Printer SDK provides an option to E-Mail the generated Excel document. Use the E-Mail After Generate option to E-Mail the files.

  3. FTP:  Paperless Printer SDK provides option to transfer the generated Excel document to remote site using File Transfer Protocol. Use the FTP After Generate option to transfer the files to the remote site.

  4. Show Preview:  Paperless Printer SDK provides an option to view the preview of the pages just before converting to Excel document. In the current version, Paperless Printer SDK includes only text contents in the Excel document. Therefore the Preview shows only text contents. In the Preview, the user is provided with the ability to manually set columns for any page in that print job. These columns are then used to position the text in Excel cells.

  5. Sheets:  Paperless Printer SDK provides an option to specify how the pages should be stored in the Excel document. You can now store each page in a separate Worksheet in the Excel Document or store all the pages in a single Worksheet. You also have an option to store each page in separate Excel Document.

  6. Cell Options:  Paperless Printer SDK provides an option to include cell data types in the generated Excel document. Setting cell data type helps Excel to determine the type of the cell contents. This shall help you to add formulae in the Excel document.

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