Professional Export Devices for ReportBuilder! The perfect ReportBuilder exporting companion! Export your ReportBuilder reports to PDF, HTML, XHTML, RTF, Excel, JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF and WMF.


  • Built-in run-time configuration dialogs, give full control to the end-user
  • Selective exclusion of types of elements from appearing in the exported document
  • Background images/watermarks & background color for the exported document
  • Built-in support for E-Mailing
  • Built-in Web Reporting facilities, get your report ready for serving over the Internet/Intranet in just ONE line of code
  • PDF supports TrueType font encoding, compression and more
  • PDF supports TrueType font characters from Chinese, Russian, Greek, Eastern European and other character sets
  • PDF supports Font Embedding and Encryption
  • New XHTML Device
  • Highly optimized HTML and XHTML encoding to generate small HTML and XHTML files
  • HTML and XHTML supports multi-file and single-file exporting
  • Hyperlinks in PDF, HTML and XHTML
  • Table of Contents in PDF, HTML amd XHTML
  • New completely Re-Engineered Excel Device with capability to export the report as Excel Workbook
  • Images, Shapes and Lines in Excel Device
  • Highly optimized HTML encoding to generate the smallest HTML file
  • HTML supports multi-file and single-file exporting
  • WYSIWYG RTF exporting
  • Requires NO additional software, 100% native Object Pascal