Scope of Services

Every phase of a project is key, but making sure we're building what you want is vitally important to us. Even if your documentation is scarce, don't worry-we've turned scribbles on the back of napkins into award winning products. Our engineers and project managers are experts at determining just what will make you ecstatic. We'll review your existing documentation and communicate with you, so you know that we're building exactly what you need.
Rarefind team of experienced engineers and project managers ensures your product's requirements are complete, accurate, feasible, unambiguous, and testable. Done right, requirements are an opportunity to:
  • Efficiently develop and test a high-quality product,
  • Reduce rework during later stages of the product life cycle, and
  • Deliver a product that meets the expectations of your stakeholders.
Rarefind communicates in the language you understand. We work with your tools and processes to create specifications including elements such as:
  • User requirements,
  • Use cases,
  • System requirements,
  • Functional requirements,
  • HW/SW Interface requirements,
  • Detailed software design specification,
  • Quality attributes,
  • Nonfunctional requirements, and
  • Constraints.
Because of our in-depth understanding of select domains, Rarefind can advise you on the future directions of these technologies and their relevance and impact on your business. We utilize this expertise to uncover your business needs and translate them into solution requirements.

Solution Planning & Architecture
Once you have decided to implement a particular business solution in one of our domain areas, Rarefind can advise you on how you need to plan and implement an architecture that not only addresses your present business needs but also scales to meet future requirements. Occasionally, we may even help you identify appropriate third-party hardware and software solutions.

Application Development & Maintenance
Our in-depth knowledge of select domains coupled with our software engineering expertise puts Rarefind in an excellent position to design and develop custom software solutions that address your business needs. Once deployed, we can continue to maintain the solution and make sure that it remains relevant to your changing business environment.

Software Integration
Often, implementation isn't sufficient. That is when you may need us to simply tie together different hardware products and software applications, and ensure seamless functionality. Rarefind's experience in device and network management and middleware can help you address this need and ensure that your technology infrastructure works seamlessly.