Technology Services

Today, more than ever before, businesses demand global vision, an in-depth understanding of the customer and supplier and flexible scalable solutions that offer the highest possible returns on IT investment. Rarefind helps businesses bring it all together with its comprehensive IT skills and capabilities. Rarefind offers and manages groundbreaking software solutions spanning a range of technology platforms.
  • Application Services
  • Enterprise Applications
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Rarefind offers highly competent software development services in the form of custom application development and custom component development. With our varied experience in developing custom applications and components for businesses we can help design and develop the complete system for your specialized needs. We develop software for the Windows and Linux operating systems.
    We'll build the intelligent solutions for your specific Business Automation, Manufacturing Tracking and Automation, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing and Employee Management needs.
    Rarefind has highly talented, dedicated professionals with in-depth knowledge in Microsoft .NET technologies, Borland® Delphi™, Microsoft® Visual C++™, Visual Basic™, ASP, CGI, JavaScript and databases such as MS SQL Server®, Interbase®, Oracle® and MS Access™. We have extensive experience on Microsoft Windows® Platform and we can also deliver solutions for Linux Platform.